Very easy to wear clothes, manufactured with natural fabrics and perfect for everyday. Alfred & Sisters dresses a straightforward woman that wants to convey a light romantic look without losing sight of her first priority: to be comfortable.


To talk about American Vintage is to talk about simplicity and comfort. Casual fashion with natural fabrics that attracts a broad range of public. American Vintage cotton clothing is essential for any wardrobe.


The perfect dress for a special occasion. Adorée presents its first collection following the latest of Paris and London trends. Garments with several styles that will allow you to find the perfect look for every occasion; a romantic dinner, a wedding, a work event or a night of partying.


Bensimon pleads for an original mix of styles and colours of casual chic spirit. Its collections of tennis footwear tell different stories through their unique and fun designs. A signature that links all generations.


Berenice conveys a unique concept through combining casual chic with small transgressive details. Printed fabrics coexist with plain garments to make a visual balance.


Designer winter clothing manufactured with high quality materials. Gertrude is synonymous with comfort, practicality and character. The combination of fabric colours and cuts gives the clothes their personality.


Delicacy of the purest French style. Simple lines for a woman who is seeking to discover herself. Grace & Mila offers sweetness and an exquisite taste for the small details in life.


The desire of creating a kind of a creative laboratory, established the I.Code brand 10 years ago. With the years it has been extended and structured, to propose a creative and attainable line that personifies the femininity across a collection “city” declined in three topics: Bohemian, rock and sport. Completely ” Designed in France “, the collection is designed and developed near Nantes, inside IKKS Group.


Born and designed in London and produced in Mongolia, where it is manufactured the best cashmere in the world, their clothes are a reflection of their origin and their designers. Environmentally friendly and using only the purest fibbers, Jumper 1 2 3 4 becomes a special brand with fun designs and attractive colours.

LEI 1984

The fashion of Lei 1984 lives in a serene universe of pure and simple lines. Quality is one of its maxims and, therefore, the firm manufactures all its garments with high quality materials. Plain colours predominate in its collections to convey cleanliness and light.


Leon & Harper offers a world of creativity for a woman who dreams and has lots of imagination. Their collections are an experience that attempts to surprise and break away from traditional ways of dressing.


Man and women collections inspired by a real concept: be expat minded. A unique style for nowdays adventurers that dare with a particular style, related to a way of living. Unique clothes “made in quality” with georgeus materials and selected by an eclectic way.


Our universe is all about bohemian style, nostalgia and softness. Inspired by our travels and vintage details our first collection was launched in Winter 2012 and was exclusively composed of jewelry for little girls. Little by little Louise Misha has grown to become a full line of ready to wear, jewelry and accessories for little girls. Then in 2014, the Women collection was born. That is how our great adventure started!


Clothes with ethnic prints for a daring woman who likes to stand out. Louizon is defined through its use of soft and flowing fabrics that seek to offer comfort. Light and casual clothes for modern life.


Maison Brunet, is the new french Brand, made in Paris, with love. It’s the story of two friends, a story full of elegance and beautiful materials. The collections are romantic and feminine, all of them produced in their parisian atelier.


Each season Marie Sixtine offers a complete collection divided into two lines. One is based on trends and colours of the season in which we find romantic inspiration or vintage models, and a second line with basic models and knitwear as main element. Both are linked as key elements for the firm, like the inspiration in the years 80.


Well known music and cinema personalities inspire the creations at MKT Studio. The collections of this French brand convey a look based on fashion from the 70s, 80s and 90s. The firm works a pop look with very good taste in all its prêt-à-porter collections.


A wide range of colours in designer waterproof sandals manufactured in recycled plastic. To wear Moses shoes is to experience a sensation of absolute freedom, as well as knowing that the firm manufactures an environmentally sustainable product.


A varied palette of colours coexists in OOF wear to bring fun to the world of parkas, jackets and down coats. Urban, functional and even reversible clothing that offer comfort and gracefulness in the day-to-day life of women. Practical fashion that makes a stylish statement in any look.


Penn & Ink creates collections for a woman with lots of energy who loves freedom. Bohemian chic style clothing that allows you to feel the comfort the air, nature and life gives you. The dutch fashion firm is a reflection of a casual and innovative life style.


Reiko combines authenticity and comfort to offer a kind of informal fashion. The rock style look is a classic among classics, and Reiko is one of its top brands. The firm represents French denim par excellence.


Espadrilles with sole woven in cord which remember to the childhood and the summers in the beach. Espadrilles of craftsmanship with unique details of atemporal style. The ineffable and colourful designs of the New York firm are the essence of the trips of its creator Nick Brown, and with it, invites us to travel with him.


In order to attract elegant women who know what they want, Suncoo creates collections by mixing new-romantic looks with more structured lines. The natural is not incompatible with the evocative, and Suncoo knows how to embody this in its fashion collections, which offer a different concept.


Sundry is the result of founder Mathieu Leblan´s passion of Pacific Ocean hand in hand with Mediterranean Sea heritage. He moved from Aix en Provance to California´s beaches to be inmersed in the surf culture and lifestyle. Always believing color, quality and the softest touch of fabrics Sundry reflects romance, getaways and vacations.